Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Building Your PMO - 10 PMO Books

Here is a list of 10 PMO (and portfolio management) books that have been recommended by other PMOers. I can't take credit for this; this is a compilation of books that I've collected, some from the PMO SIG, and some from my former PMI local chapter. I encourage any of you to post your thoughts on the books. I'll post my thoughts on the ones I've read too. Just to be clear - I am not personally recommending any of these (yet), but I know how hard it is to find good reference material. My first shot at links, so forgive me if that doesn't work.

J Ross Publishing has some freebies at http://www.jrosspub.com/

Advanced Project Management Office, The By: Parviz F. Rad, Ginger Levin
A comprehensive text that looks at function and implementation and covers the complete project management office in a simple format that is easy to read and understand. The author did an outstanding job focusing on the project management process, including project performance and competency. While many industrial organizations are becoming involved in project management, The Advanced Project Management Office will guide project practitioners into the world of success.

Project Management Office Toolkit, The By: Jolyon Hallows
The Project Management Office Toolkit shows you exactly how to apply project management structures to your company's core function, starting from the ground up. This book includes a CD-ROM containing every essential form you need to successfully complete a project, as well as more than 50 worksheets, templates, charts, and descriptions needed to establish a project office, set standards and organize new information.

Running the Successful Hi-Tech Project Office By: Eduardo Miranda
This is your complete how to book on establishing the Project Office as a methodology for managing multiple development initiatives within your organization. The book presents the PO (Project Office) as a model for use in a wide variety of organizations, especially in R and D environments. As more and more forward-looking firms adopt the project form as their preferred way to organize development work, the need for you to coordinate the use of scarce resources and align initiatives becomes quite..

Project Portfolio Management By: Harvey A. Levine and Max Wideman
Project Portfolio Management is an increasingly hot topic in New Product Development, IT, Pharmaceuticals, R and D and Engineering. Harvey Levine has compiled the first guide to help program managers and managers of project offices sort through their existing projects and create a healthy portfolio of projects that will lead to increased ROI for the organization. Levine answers the following questions:

Project Portfolio Management By: James S. Pennypacker, Lowell Dye, Eds.
Selecting the right projects to work on is critical in gaining a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Learn about portfolio management tools, techniques and methods in this collection of articles from leaders in the field like David Cleland, Robert Cooper, Thomas Saaty, David Frame, Steven Wheelwright and others. Case studies and best practices show you how others successfully manage their portfolios.

Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO By: Gerald I. Kendall, PMP and Steve C. Rollins, PMP
Covers the strategy, tactics, and processes needed for successful project portfolio management. It discusses how the PMO can effectively influence project teams and their team members to consistently seek out delivery acceleration opportunities and/or delivery threats relative to their work, and the overall mission of the project team. It also provides a detailed plan for both strategic planning and a PMO, reviews the most popular EPM tools and provides a way to evaluate PMO implementation using..

Using the Project Management Maturity Model: Strategic Planning for Project Management, 2nd Edition By: Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.
Using the Project Management Maturity Model, Second Edition is the updated edition of Harold Kerzner's renowned book covering his Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM). In this hands-on book, Kerzner offers a unique, industry-validated tool for helping companies of all sizes assess and improve their progress in integrating project management into every part of their organizations. Conveniently organized into two sections, this Second Edition begins with an examination of strategic planning pr...

Project Management : Strategic Design and Implementation by David I. Cleland and Lewis R. Ireland (Hardcover - Jun 10, 2002)

"There is nothing permanent except change," advised Heraclitus of Greece in 513 B.C. Project Management: Strategic Design and Implementation, Fourth Edition, by David I. Cleland and Lewis R. Ireland, provides contemporary evidence that both change and improvement are the natural order of things in project management literature.

The EnterPrize Organization: Organizing Software Projects for Accountability and Success By: Neal Whitten. PMP
Neal Whitten presents a highly practical guide to software project management, using a model that builds on the strengths of functional projectized and matrix organizations, while reducing or eliminating their weaknesses. You will recognize proven and familiar ways to define key roles and responsibilities, while also discovering exciting new organizational ideas for software projects. Throughout the book, Whitten shares lessons that have a profound impact on your ability to draw out project…

The Complete Project Management Office Handbook by Gerard M. Hill (Hardcover - December 18, 2003)

"[I]f a reader wants to implement a PMO at the working level, The Complete Project Management Office Handbook is a thorough description of how to do it. Its well-defined project management continuum and numerous tables and function models provide detailed guidance for anyone, from the novice to the experienced project manager, to determine where they are in the project-management-office continuum and how to achieve their objective…[This book] is a comprehensive resource for creating or growing a PMO." -Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2005


Anonymous said...

OMG did you read all these books??

Ahmad Al-Musallami said...

Excellent list.

Ahmad Al-Musallami

Simon said...


Great list. Have you looked to do an updated list to capture the books released in the last couple of years? If so, I would be grateful if you would consider How to design a PMO that works.



James said...


Even though this was published in 2006, the titles are still among the best in the PMO space. Thank you.