Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Post

This is my fist log to get this started. In short, I want to talk about PMOs. Project Management Offices, Program Management Offices, Enterprise PMOs, Service PMOs, you name it. All of these organizations serve an important purpose in business today, and I think those of us who work in PMOs (let's agree to use PMO as the generic term) know the importance and potential. PMOs are all about understanding work, and with that management, strategy, tactics and more. We are all about Management, and this our PMOs are probably the first physical representation of a company actually "thinking" about work instead of just "doing".

So there we start. How do we aid our organizations in becoming better not just by doing better, but deliberately planning and thinking about how to do better. World-class runners don't get that way by just running a lot - they plan their workouts, their diets, their sleep, you name it. World-class companies do the same. 'OK - enough to start - post your thoughts and ideas, let's open some more conversations.

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